A Practical Guide to GPG Part 2: Public Key Management

May 12, 2022


In part 1 of this GPG tutorial series, you learned the benefits of GPG and generated your public/private key pair. In part 2, you will learn how to upload your public key to a key server so others can send you encrypted messages that only can be decrypted with your private key. We will also look at how to import and verify other’s public keys and manage your keyring.

Step 1: Check Your Own Public Key

Run the following command to list your own GPG public key. Replace user-id with your GPG email address.

gpg --list-sigs user-id

Sample output:

As you can see, my key ID is 752E173A3F8B04F5, and my key fingerprint is 378CB32D8AC7D656F38961B1752E173A3F8B04F5.

Read full tutorial here: https://www.linuxbabe.com/security/gpg-guide-public-key-management